Your EHR does a lot.

Are you asking it to do too much?

is a HIPAA compliant, healthcare workflow and content sharing platform

The EMR/EHR has been the core technology deployed by most healthcare organizations. While they are adept at dealing with patient encounter documentation, many times organizations ask the EHR to do too much.

is not a replacement of the EHR. It is a complementary technology solutions, which facilitates improved work process and coordination of care.

allows the clinical team to maintain current process within the EHR, while providing support teams with automated core capabilities – Coordination and Identification, Documentation, and Validation.

Surgical Workflow Solutions

restores control over all aspects of Surgical Workflow. From primary care referral through surgery and outpatient rehabilitation, docflock successfully integrates content through Coordination and Identification, Documentation, and Validation.

Surgical Workflow – Construct

Surgical Workflow is a highly complex and often manual series of interwoven work streams. This workflow begins with the initial referral to the specialist and extends throughout the rehabilitation program. Given their unique content requires, Pre-Surgery, Surgery, and Post-surgery are considered independent solutions. These solutions may be implemented individually or as a system-wide, cohesive platform.

The workflow is further defined in terms of Coordination and Integration, Documentation, and Verification. Each solution provides for content management, work efficiency and reporting capabilities.

Surgical Workflow – Construct

Workflow Complexity

  • Surgical Workflow is Compromised of Three Inter-related Processes
  • Each Process Consists of Three Distinct Content Phases
  • Cross-setting Coordinates, as well as Cross-discipline Coordination, is Required

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