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docflock allows for inter and intra organizational sharing of health content. This alignment of information enables improved cost control, patient experience management, and increased efficiency.

 Coordination and Identification

Visibility into costs, resource needs, and reimbursement issues pre-surgery

  • Role-Defined Document Access, Multi-Party Log-In
  • Rule-Based Routing and Content Access
  • Integrated Workflow, Task Visibility, and Queuing
  • Rep-Specific Device (Manufacturer) List and Pricing
  • Allowable Costs Relative to Set Budgets
  • HIPAA Compliant, Cloud-Based Faxing and Content Sharing

Pre-surgery identification of fixed fee cases – Mullti-discipline and multi-facility shared content and task management visibility

Pre-Surgery draft scrubsheet. Role-based access and automated task assignment.

See docflock Coordination and Identification in Action

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